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Mesothelioma is a disease suffered by a person who has been previously exposed to asbestos either at the place of work or home. The disease is usually common in people who live in places where there are industries that use asbestos and such as ship-making industries. The risk of being affected by the disease is increased if a smoker is exposed to asbestos in homes. The individual with this illness requires a lot of care for during his or her treatment because they go through a difficult time because the disease affects the lungs and cardiovascular system. There are different ways that the disease can be treated depending on the stage of the disease and the time it was diagnosed.


The patients at first stage of the disease can be treated by radical surgery where the entire lung is operated to remove the fluids caused by the disease. This process is strictly for the patients who are in the early stages of the disease because they strong enough regarding health and they can, therefore, withstand the surgical process. The lung can then be reconstructed after performing the surgery and removing all the malignant cells that resulted in the disease. The patient should then be closely monitored and taken through recovery therapy to regain full health. The doctors from can do checkups just to confirm that the disease is healed.


Those patients who are diagnosed with the disease at its later stages cannot be taken through surgery because they are physically weaker to withstand the radical surgical process. They should be therefore taken through chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Chemotherapy should be done using cisplatin to achieve better results in the treatment process. However, there is a possibility of relapse after the procedure has been done and it is, therefore, good to ensure that it is done regularly until the disease is cured. The patient should be put under the careful watch of a doctor to monitor his progress.


There are many with which a patient can be helped to go through the treatment therapy to recover, while their family members can also be supported. Some governments provide free treatment and therapy for their people by paying their hospital bills. This helps in reducing the amount of stress suffered by their family members to raise money for the surgeries and chemotherapy so that they can focus on providing emotional and spiritual support for their loved one. Check out this website at and know more about mesothelioma.